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Portrait of Rachel Hollowgrass

User experience researcher and designer with a technical bent. Relentlessly curious. Systems thinker. My breadth and depth of experience allow me to address complex problems while attending to the details that matter.

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How I approach UX
UX is the design behind the design. I rely on three facets: Stakeholders, the user community, and technology. After initial ideation or intake, I reach out to people and data sources from all three areas, aiming for reasonable depth as well as breadth. With people, I tend to work 1:1 with a few representative end users per Nielsen's' rule of thumb. I analyze and synthesize, then reflect back to ensure consonance. For reflection, I employ user stories, sketches and prototypes. These artifacts — when created with diverse team members in mind — are easy for people from any discipline to understand. Once a design solution is validated, I flesh out the artifacts with technical and contextual details, as well as the disciplines and resources required. I keep it all as light as possible, with room for subsequent modification as needed during development, testing and after deployment.
My skills over time
my roles over time developer UX designer UX researcher
Other influences
  • The urban form: Cities are for people. They are the engines of innovation.
  • Maps, charts, diagrams and visualizations: Information hierarchy, figure/ground, signal/noise
  • Contact Improvisation: The virtues of the present moment
  • Calligraphy: How manual expression has become a structure for design
  • Practice of wonder: Take a step back.

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