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Portrait of Rachel Hollowgrass

User experience researcher and designer with a technical bent. Relentlessly curious. Systems thinker. My breadth and depth of experience allow me to address complex problems while attending to the details that matter.

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How I approach UX
UX is the design behind the design. I rely on three facets: Stakeholders, the user community, and technology. After initial ideation or intake, I reach out to people and data sources from all three areas, aiming for reasonable depth as well as breadth. With people, I tend to work 1:1 with a few representative end users per Nielsen's' rule of thumb. I analyze and synthesize, then reflect back to ensure consonance. For reflection, I employ user stories, sketches and prototypes. These artifacts — when created with diverse team members in mind — are easy for people from any discipline to understand. Once a design solution is validated, I flesh out the artifacts with technical and contextual details, as well as the disciplines and resources required. I keep it all as light as possible, with room for subsequent modification as needed during development, testing and after deployment.
Other influences
  • The urban form: Cities are for people. They are the engines of innovation.
  • Maps, charts, diagrams and visualizations: Information hierarchy, figure/ground, signal/noise.
  • Typography: How manual expression has become a structure for design.
  • Contact Improvisation: The virtues of the present moment.