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Interactive Math
interactive math example for linear regression
formlua for Basil problem which led to calculation of pi

Problem Statement

Learning mathematics can be difficult, because the concepts are inherently abstract. For even the most dedicated student, learning a new area of mathematics can be hampered by the effort of translating vague concepts into a workable mental image or model.


Rich, interactive animations, visualizations and assessments can assist students in learning math. For interactive pieces, all curves and graphs were rendered in real time.

My Roles

  • Client-side developer
  • Interaction and visual designer
  • Animation and art director
Process: Under broad direction from the real-life mentor of "Stand and Deliver" protagonist Jaime Escalante, my teams were led by math education researchers from across the world. Working from a rough instructional narratives, I created detailed animation specs. I directed artists to produce static artwork and linear animations. I maintained a visual style guide, wrote code libraries and developed rich, interactive pieces. Instructional reviews were held with a panel of other math education researchers. Usability studies were conducted in situ, in students' classrooms.
Animation: Volume of solids in rotation. Click to play the animation.
Interactive animations: Chain rule, and algebra tiles. Click to interact. Note: Safari and Chrome browsers only.
interactive math example for chain rule interactive math example for algebraic expression
Interactive animations: Null hypothesis, and matching parameters to curves
interactive math example for z score interactive math example for muliple polynomial curve fitting
Reference: Graph style guide, calculation reference, and function libraries
visual style guide reference for calculating erf
  • Organizations: The University of Texas at Austin and Agile Mind
  • Stack: SVG, HTML5 Canvas, HTML, XML, Flash
  • Domain: Online courses
  • Project Types: Interactive animations
  • Content: Calculus, statistics and algebra curricula
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