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Apple Consumer Apps and Developer Tools
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Problem Statement

Technical developers and non-technical media creators are unable to use tools out of the box.


A diverse set of developer tools, interactive guides, simulations, and reference tools.

My Role

  • Software developer


My teams were led by a project lead or instructional designer. Working from a project outline, I worked with a technical writer and a visual designer to develop rich, interactive pieces. Usability studies were conducted in formal usability labs with one-way mirrors and video recording.

Consumer applications: Media
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Rich media: Included interactive simulations, contextual instruction and remediation, and a precursor to Interface Builder.
roll edit in final cut pro multiple clips in final cut pro coached assistance in Mac OS
  • Organization: Apple
  • Stack: HTML, JavaScript, proprietary tools including QuickTime
  • Domains: Developer tools, consumer applications and operating systems
  • Project Types: Tools and interactive media
  • Content: Technical development and media creation
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